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How to Have a Tony Robbins Breakthrough

Tony Robbins is the world’s #1 peak performance coach. His ability to help people create lasting change is legendary. Through his training and events millions of people have achieved significant breakthroughs in their personal, professional, and romantic lives.

So, what’s the secret? How do you have a Tony Robbins breakthrough?

Table of Contents

What is a Tony Robbins Breakthrough?

Developing a Strategy

No Such Thing As Luck

Changing Your Story

Find Positive Intent

Define the Outcome

Changing Your State

What is a Tony Robbins Breakthrough?

In everyone’s life, there is something that someone wants to achieve. It can be anything materialistic or related to one’s internal self. It may be that you’re trying to build a career based on your true passions, or maybe you’re trying to heal your most complicated emotions.

Alternatively, it could also be something trivial in your life.

Whatever your reason for having a breakthrough, taking action toward your dreams matters the most. You do your best to bring those dreams to life, but you can only do that if you see some success.

In moments like this, you need a breakthrough.

A breakthrough is when you want to do better in your life and feel that you’ve reached the point where you can finally take action. Your efforts won’t be in vain, and you won’t settle for less.

Tony Robbins has been helping people achieve those kinds of breakthroughs since the early 1980s. His success in that regard is self-evident. Tony Robbins' net worth is estimated to be around $600 Million dollars.

Many people have heard of these techniques for achieving a Tony Robbins breakthrough. But how do you actually do it? How do you have a Tony Robbins breakthrough?

There are three steps to take when seeking a Tony Robbins breakthrough. These three steps can help you achieve lasting change and give you the success you want in your life. They are practical, effective, and will work well for everyone, regardless of differences in our lives.

Developing a Strategy

First, we choose a strategy. Strategizing is the first step toward achieving a Tony Robbins breakthrough. Having a solid plan determines the rest of your journey.

There are many questions to consider when trying to make a strategy. First, you must ask yourself what you want to accomplish with this strategy.

What kind of direction are you planning to take, and what kind of outcomes do you think it will bring?

These are the questions you must consider when building a strategy for your plan.

Your strategy sets the direction for you, and the results bring the outcome. Every person has a different system and how they approach things in their lives. You need to find out which works best for you.

To develop a strategy, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What outcome am I trying to achieve? - Make sure you define your desired outcome in positive terms (i.e. ‘I want to start exercising’ not ‘I want to stop overeating.’). Be sure to be as detailed as possible when you define your desired outcome, and ensure that the outcome is within your ability to control and is consistent with your values.

  2. How will I know when I have achieved that outcome? – What criteria need to be met for you to believe that you have achieved a Tony Robbins breakthrough? How will it look? How will it sound? How will it feel?

  3. Who can I turn to for support? – Don’t make the mistake of trying to have a Tony Robbins breakthrough alone. A solid support network of friends, colleagues, and family makes all the difference in the world. These people are your most valuable resource for manifesting your dreams into reality.

  4. Write everything down – Unwritten goals aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. Take the time to write down your desired outcome, your criteria for defining success, and the names of the people you can turn to for support.

Asking these questions can help you decide which path you want to take.

Only the direction is not necessary. You can keep doing something for as long as you want, but it will not be beneficial if it doesn’t align with your desired results.

Keep a clear outcome in mind. You will be spending so much time following the strategies you create. That is why it is essential to keep the path and your results in mind.

If you want to find out how to have a Tony Robbins breakthrough, there is one thing that you should settle in your mind.

No Such Thing As Luck

Tony Robbins doesn’t believe in pure luck. He believes in plans. The steps a person takes to improve themselves in any aspect of life are more important than luck.

That is why strategies matter.

Most successful people weren’t born into ‘lucky’ circumstances. They didn’t come from wealthy families or have a fancy education. Instead, they had emotional, physical, and financial challenges threatening their success.

But they kept going.

How did they do that? They followed a strategy. They were consistent in their efforts and stayed focused on their goals. You can be lucky, but your luck can turn itself around and go from good to bad any second. Your strategies, on the other hand, will remain rock-solid

Maybe you haven’t thought of a strategy yet because you don’t feel confident enough. You don’t believe it could work, or perhaps you think that you are not in control of the strategy.

I was hoping you could close your eyes and shift that perspective around.

Close your eyes and think about every time you’ve tried to do something that didn’t work out.

Maybe this immense fear is holding you back from making a change in your life. Perhaps you’re still mentally stuck in that situation, and that’s why you don’t feel confident.

So, I want you to go back to that time in your mind when you first had this thought. That exact situation — play it out in your head.

This exercise is not to make you uncomfortable but to conquer that feeling — to make you believe you are in control.

When you have closed your eyes, think about the strategy you followed. That strategy, was it right?

I ask this because there are times in our lives when we do everything in our power to make something happen, but it still doesn’t happen. That doesn’t mean that the flaw was in our strategy. We did the right thing with what we knew at that time.

There is no need to blame ourselves for something we didn’t know. One thing we can do is control how we act going forward.

If you were to do it again, would it still work for the strategy that you developed at that time?

Just like everything in our lives, a strategy that once worked doesn’t mean that it still will. It’s essential to be mindful of when there is a change required.

Notice the details of your plan, then. Is something supposed to be changed now? Do you know of some better methods that you think will work best now?

Think about these methods and whatever modifications they may require.

That place where you’re standing in your head doesn’t exist anymore. We have to move forward. What does exist is how you choose to view that encounter.

Take all the necessary things from that situation. Take all your lessons — the things that you could have done better, the things that will work, even if you do them now. Take only that part and open your eyes.

When you open your eyes, keep those things with you. They will help you in finding out your next move — in finding out how to have a Tony Robbins breakthrough.

Changing Your Story

The second step is knowing how to change your story.

It doesn’t mean what you think it means. I’m not telling you to change your backstory. Changing your story means how you choose to view it.

This practice is also relevant to finding your strategy.

For example, there are millions of strategies for learning how to accomplish your goals, and many of them work. But they only do if you start to work towards them first. We are not looking for strategies to develop. There are so many things already present that you can do.

Millions of bookstores sell monthly planners; the App Store on your phone has a thousand third-party apps to block social media apps etc.

But it only matters if you’re willing to work.

How are you supposed to move forward if you don’t have a strategy?

It’s not even that you don’t have a strategy, but because you have a problem with how you see your story.

If this is your issue, it probably means that life has filled your story with trouble. If that is the case with you, you have difficulty following these strategies. This fact is because both things are contrary to each other.

On the one hand, you are determined to achieve all your goals, so you develop the best strategies. But there is another aspect to it. You are capable of doing all these things, but it is your story that discourages you.

Your goals, hopes, and ambitions are on one side, and your pessimism about all these things being unrealistic is on another. An example is that you want to be successful but think it only happens in stories and fairy tales.

It is your story that limits you. We all have our own stories. That doesn’t mean that our past experiences don’t mean anything. The reason why you think this way is because you have seen more hurdles than you would like.

While that is all valid, and you have a right to feel however you want to feel, in the end, if you want to know how to have a Tony Robbins breakthrough, you have to rise above.

You need to challenge yourself. One technique is to see everything from the third point of view. In this kind of technique, you see yourself neutrally. That includes all your experiences — your story and your emotions.

Look inside yourself. Go to that part of your life that shaped your entire story. See what happened. See how you were affected by it.

To do anything, we must feel what we feel and not run away from it. This level of understanding is the only way to feel healthy and be better motivated to run towards your goals.

Eventually, in the end, you’ll move on, and it will be good for you.

So, go back into that situation, but with a neutral perspective. Think about it as if you’re talking to your best friend. If your best friend told you that they tried everything, but it still didn’t work out, what would you tell them? Would you ask them?

Would you tell them to think that having goals is okay, but you need to be ‘realistic?’

Would you tell them to contradict their emotions by following strategies and not changing how they see their story?


You will tell them to see the bigger picture and to match their strategy to their story. Hopefully, you would also offer support.

Frequently in life, things don’t work out. But that doesn’t mean that we stop hoping at all. If we have hope left, then our story will automatically change.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Whatever uncertainties you have in your mind affecting your story, breathe them out. One by one, we exhale every uncomfortable feeling and breathe in a ray of hope. We let out our troubles from the past and let in what the future can bring.

If you believe in hope, you can change your story entirely. Because if you have hope, you will never think your goals are unrealistic.

When you are breathing in hope, try to take some hunger too. Go back to that past situation and grab hold of that hunger. Everyone has stories, but the power to make a change transforms it.

Open your eyes to a new sense of hope and some needed hunger. You will be surprised to see how much of a difference these things make.

See the examples of so many iconic people in the world. People who came from nothing but now they own everything.

They could only do that because they didn’t keep staring at their unchanged story forever. They took charge of their own lives, followed strategies, and eventually, their story changed.

Believe it or not, your story limits you. I’m not saying this in a sense there; it doesn’t matter what you went through. After all, you can never heal if you never face what once happened. What I’m saying is that you don’t have any control over what happens to you in your life. But you do have control over how you see it.

By limiting your story, you limit yourself.

You can feel all you want to feel, but at the end of the day, your goal should be to move past what happened. If you keep dwelling on it, you will limit your potential. This way, how will you have the breakthrough that you want to achieve?

You can’t change your story, but you can change yourself. Don’t go about limiting yourself no matter what you went through in the past.

Your story may be accurate, but our lives don’t work like that. We don’t just keep our negative emotions forever and expect to be successful. At some point, we have to let go.

You will open up a new door of possibilities when you let go. Then you won’t ever think about how you can never achieve your goals just because your story is not a happy one.

Maybe there is something good behind it, after all. Everyone says everything happens for a reason. Perhaps those people are right to say that. Everything that happens in your life unlocks a new part of you. However, it’s not true that only good things can happen.

Find Positive Intent

Finding the positive intent behind everything can make you go a long way. The reason why you keep thinking to yourself that your goals are unrealistic it’s because you haven’t yet found the positive aspect of your story.

This truth is why your strategies aren’t working, and you keep wondering why you can’t have a Tony Robbins breakthrough. All your systems are failing because of this.

Changing your intent from negative to positive can make you see a new side of things. What happened to you may have been unfortunate, but if it weren’t for the past, you wouldn’t be reading about how to have a Tony Robbins breakthrough right now.

Everything that makes you want to limit your story also pushes you to become a better version of yourself.

Before that, you wouldn’t have ever thought about how to achieve such a breakthrough. You’re moving towards a part of yourself that is determined. This growth was only possible because of your story.

People do so many things to limit themselves. It’s not their fault either. Circumstances have ingrained a particular way of thinking into their minds, like a wheel barrel going over the same path repeatedly.

But if you find a positive intent behind everything, you must stop indulging in this kind of behavior. You have to keep walking. You are protecting yourself, but you are also holding yourself back. Your story is a massive part of you, but it is not everything. If you have a positive intent, you can beat this feeling.

Every individual has a set of things in their life. For some people, it is easy. They are born with a handful of resources that can last their entire lives. For other people, they have to work for everything.

But if one person has resources, that doesn’t mean you can’t have them.

It won’t be in the same shape or place, but you can create your own resources too. Having luck in your life is a benefit, but if you weren’t born lucky, you can make your own luck.

There is a difference between being born with comfort and learning how to be comfortable.

People can be born with all sorts of things, but in the end, if they don’t know how to go about their lives, that wealth means nothing. You are more powerful than them because you know how to adapt resourcefulness in your life.

You might be devastated about not having the things other people do and having to do everything from scratch, but that doesn’t make you inferior to them. Just like it doesn’t make them superior to you.

Close your eyes and think about all the resources that other people have that make their life so easy. All these things you are thinking about, turn them into your capabilities.

Exchange your perspective and the way you think about the differences between you and other people. If you see in your mind the resources of other people, switch them with your own resourcefulness. You took their resources and made something of your own.

This practice is how you install confidence in yourself. You have your abilities even if you don’t have the material things others do. The belief that you have in yourself — that is everything for you.

People often say that believing in something you want to do means that half your work is done. That is true. Instead of being discouraged by other people’s success, you take hold of what you have in your life.

In your mind, see your every capability. See that you’re determined. See that you adhere to the things you want. Say that you never back away. Say that even if you get tired, you rest and go again.

You are an extraordinary being who takes every chance you can get to get further in your life and reach a level of satisfaction. You have every quality that a person can have.

Now, take hold of all these qualities and switch them with the absence of difficulties in other people’s lives. They might have everything they already want in life, but you have a life too. You don’t let yourself get down in situations like this.

You stay true to yourself by seeing your every quality and utilizing it to help yourself.

It doesn’t mean that you stop being afraid at all. You are human. You are bound to feel scared every once in a while. But the fact that you keep going on despite it means you are courageous.

You are moving beyond your old habit of limiting your story and into a world where you can genuinely honor your capabilities by walking into the future.

Define the Outcome

Setting goals, in this case, can help you a lot.

First of all, you have to find your purpose. It’s impossible to have a breakthrough if you don’t have the basic information about yourself. You have to take some time and think about what you want in your life.

Often, people follow a pre-planned path. They never made this path, someone else imposed it on them, and they started following that path in an attempt to make someone else happy. Now they feel that it’s too late to change anything.

This fallacy is why their strategy never aligned with their plan because it was not theirs in the first place.

How can you have successful strategies if you don’t even want to follow your plan?

Looking inside yourself and finding a goal that truly excites you is essential. If your goal doesn’t excite you, pick a different goal.

Take a deep breath and think about everything you’ve done in your life. Was it everything that you wanted to do? Or was it something you never wanted to be involved in in the first place?

Now think about the breakthrough you want to achieve. Does your breakthrough have anything to do with things you’ve done but didn’t want to do?

If the answer is yes, then there’s your problem.

First, you must want to follow your plan and stop following other people. Other people are not going to live your life; you are. Their words may seem overwhelming, but they are just words at the end of the day. Your breakthrough matters more than their words and their role in your life.

Take a deep breath and hold it. Think about what you want to do. What do you want in your life that has nothing to do with what other people want for you? If you have found an answer, then exhale.

Now your journey starts towards your breakthrough. If your plan is truly yours, you can surely expect a breakthrough.