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The Growth Mindset




10 Hours


About the Course

Are you interested in expanding your career, and want to be a more creative and innovative employee who embraces problems and challenges, and thrives in those circumstances?

This course will help you determine if you have a fixed mindset or growth mindset, the triggers to watch for when falling into a fixed mindset, and how to transition to a growth mindset. Throughout this course, we will look at several ways in which you can help facilitate a growth mindset in the workplace. To help create environments where each individual has the chance to reach their greatest potential (think productivity), stay motivated on the job (think retention), and continue to develop their skills and knowledge base in a progressive and meaningful way (think life-long learner). One of the most important lessons you’ll learn in this course is that mindset is shifted from moment to moment through recognition and practice. You will be able to learn the process for shifting your mindset that you can turn back to long after the course ends to continue your Growth Mindset journey.

Your Instructor

Lisa Montanaro

Lisa Montanaro

Lisa Montanaro is President of Lisa Montanaro Global Enterprises, LLC, founded in 2002, and an Instructor for the UC Davis Division of Continuing and Professional Education since 2012. She is a keynote speaker, workshop presenter, organizational consultant, and success coach specializing in productivity, work-life balance, personal and professional branding, career satisfaction, workplace culture, and peak performance. Known for her combination of warmth, humor, and know-how, Lisa delivers straight talk in a manner that is informative and entertaining. Her psychology and law background combined with savvy business experience gives Lisa unique insight into the lives of working professionals. She has a proven track record of empowering teams and individuals and igniting productivity. Lisa helps clients and audience members answer the question, “How do I live a productive and happy life while also enjoying, and thriving in, my career?” She is the author of the books The Ultimate Life Organizer: An Interactive Guide to a Simpler, Less Stressful & More Organized Life, and DECIDE to be Organized: An Empowering Process for Change. Her work has been featured in numerous online and offline publications, and she has been interviewed on television and radio. Lisa earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology, Speech and Political Science from Hofstra University and a Juris Doctor Degree, magna cum laude, from Pace University School of Law. Before embarking on her journey as a coach, consultant, and speaker, Lisa was a performer, an instructor and interpreter at a high school for deaf students, practiced employment and labor relations law, and was a law school professor and higher education administrator. Hailing originally from New York, since 2012 Lisa has enjoyed life with her veterinarian husband and their two rescue dogs in beautiful Northern California.

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